Friday, January 13, 2006

Is Belinda a Liberal???

Reading a thread in Andrew Coynes site someone mentioned that Belinda's site had little or no reference to the liberal party, so I did a little digging (not to much, to busy with my real job!) and alas, could not find any linkage either!

Strange indeed, but I'm sure I must have missed it, perhaps someone else can have a boo and check it out..

In any even, one would think that the liberal banner with a link to would be first and foremost at the top of her page, wouldn't one?

As I said in Andrews page, could she have been planted in the liberals inner circle all along??

A bombshell spook for the tories?

Is she the mysterious MOLE we all have been hearing so much about??

just kidding of course - can you imagine the coded crayola memos back to the chief?



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