Saturday, December 18, 2010

High seas justice

Somehow, I think the Somali pirates will be giving Russian ships a pass from now on.. Probably stick to where the Canadian Navy patrols, where they get a stern talking to and sent on their way. Oddly enough, there has not been a lot of coverage of this, had it been the Israeli's, I think we'd have heard more, no?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Vote for Raymi!

Quick post here about one of my "must reads", a fun, funky little hottie who calls herself Raymitheminx. Her blog is endlessly entertaining, funny and informative, in its own way. Did I mention that she's hot? Never mind the fact that she's young enough to be my daughter (hey, her mom's hot too..), she's a great read and a refreshing change in the bore-o-sphere, and funny as hell.

She's gotta be part svenska, could be finn or dane though, she has the attitude.

She's vying for top spot in the "peoples choice award" and so far is delivering the mother of all ass kickings to anyone else in the category. So, I think you should head on over there and give her your support. Because I said so, and you don't mess with the hammer..

I could go on about her for a lot longer, but my wife could walk in anytime, me telling her its a "man thing" is pointless, and I still want to get some tonight..

So, head on over, and vote for her!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

say no more..

Sunday, October 04, 2009

A tale of two Prime Ministers..

First we have Paul Martin, in the death throes of his last campaign, jumping on stage and making such an ass of himself even me, a rabid right winger, was embarrased for him. I guess the real sad thing is, for liberals anyway, is that they have only gone downhill from there, as leaders go.

Yet, the band still plays on, on the good ship Liberal!

Next, the current sitting Prime Minister, no explanation needed here...


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jack's vision of the Armed Forces

Trying to think of words to describe Bin-Laytons latest drivel , but this pretty well says it all, does it not?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eat more meat to save the earth

Since the eco-nuts want us to stop eating meat to save the planet, using the logic that if we do, less C02 farting bovines will be wandering about farting and belching us all to a scorched earth.

So, following this same line of reasoning, since we are still in a *more or less free country, those of us that refuse to stop eating meat should be encouraged to hunt, should we not? Using this same logic, every time I whack bambi or bullwinkle, I take a C02 emitting critter out of the equation, fill my freezer, thus don't have to buy sides of beef, so one less bovine is also out of the equation, a double bonus!

If I am shrinking my carbon footprint by whacking wildlife for food, then I think hunting should be strongly encouraged, license fees dropped and tags thrown in gratis as well. That alone would save me over a hundred shekels yearly!

what say you, o environmental warriors?


Thursday, September 06, 2007


So I guess I have to change my profile now, as of last week hitting the 1/2 century mark.

I don't feel THAT different, and it's a total coincidence I've taken up running a few km's a day now.
Yeah I'm trying to slow down the clock, but who doesn't at this age? I remember too clearly from my logging camp days the guys this age hacking and wheezing in their bunkhouse rooms with several bottles of med's on their desk and don't want to end up like that.

My wife is still in her 30's and THAT feels pretty cool! Even if is is only for another 13 months..

Friday, August 24, 2007

Slimy, Spineless traitorous bastards

Don't these lowlife fuckwits realize every time they go on some righteous rant about being SO concerned for our soldiers safety they have just put them in more danger? Do they not think Taliban are reading the internet news feeds and thinking "hey, lets off a few more of these quebecers and these pesky Canadians that are kicking our asses so bad will be called back home!"

Sorry I don't like to use profanity that often, but these spineless slimeballs using the deaths of our soldiers for their own cheap political "gains" and in the process probably putting the lives of others at greater risk while doing it, have just pissed me off to no end.

Good thing these lowlifes weren't around in '39 is all I can say..

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday morning barfing teenager..

Been awhile since I've been here, and what better time than 2:43am to sneak in a quick post.

I'm sitting here rather bemused. #2 son asked if he could go out with some bud's tonight, I reluctantly said yes, because he had been out lots of other times and returned ok. He's 16, and I knew this day was coming with this one. #1 son never put me through this, was more like me at that age, not overly social, small circle of friends, and was VERY good at hiding my activities from my parents, and didn't really start partying to excess until around 17-18ish

#2 son though, a different story, highly social, tons of buddies, etc.. He said he'd be home "around midnight", which means pushing the envelope past 12:30.

Anyway, 1am passes, then comes 2am and I'm getting pissed. I'm not one that can just go to bed. 2:30 comes along and his buddies vehicle pulls in the driveway. I have the outside lights on so I'm 1/2 expecting him to come in the door quite sheepishly when I hear voices and the basement door open. I go to the top of the stairs and open the door and call his name, and hear some muffled voices. I go downstairs and there's two of his buddies helping him in his room with a look of utter shock and fear when they see me. They immedietly assure me that "he'll be ok now", and were trying to get him in his bed as quietly as possible. One leaves and the other is staying overnight, he says he's sorry etc.. and I tell him not to worry about it and ask if it was hard stuff he was into and he says no it was just a keg party. At this point he's still barfing what little is left in his stomach into a bucket I brought down so I can see he'll survive.

I'm pissed, relieved he's home, pissed I have to stay up some more, and glad those days are long gone.

I'll say one thing about his buds though, pretty thoughtful, the one staying over is keeping a close eye on him as I write this and at least they saw fit to get him in his bed, albeit rather sneakily, but who wouldn't, and it's a hell of a lot more than we would have done for a drunk buddy at that age.

We'd have propped a drunk buddy like that up against his parents door, rang the door bell and fucked off tout-de-suite. I know, because we had done this a few times.

So here I sit, drinking one more beer than I wanted too tonight and the only solace I have is thinking about what gawd awful chores I have that will need doing very early tomorrow, which is supposed to be about 30C or so...

Bring back memories anyone?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Poor Salman, can't get a break..

He just gets a knighthood, now this:

Forouz Raja'ee-Far, secretary general of the Headquarters for Honoring the Martyrs of Islam World Movement, said the former $100,000 prize for carrying out the execution ordered by Imam Khomeini in 1989 has now been increased to $150,000, the Fars News Agency reported Monday.

Rushdie sparked outrage in many Muslim countries with his novel "The Satanic Verses," which was seen by some as insulting to the Islamic faith and led to the fatwa issued against Rushdie on charges of blasphemy.

The bounty increase follows the Queen of England's bestowal of knighthood on the Indian-born author.

"According to Imam Khomeini's verdict, it is an obligation for all Muslims to kill Salman Rushdie even if he repents from the bottom of his heart and becomes the pious man of the time," Raja'ee-Far said.

"Also according to Imam's verdict, if a non-Muslim person can find and execute Rushdie sooner than Muslims, it will be an obligation for Muslims to provide such a person with whatever he wants as his payment or prize," he said.

Ah, that religion of peace...

Friday, June 08, 2007

But she does play a mean skin flute...

Or so I've heard.. Haven't seen the famed vid so I can't say for sure.

In any case, this is the only thing I've seen on said bimbo worth reading, and I'm sure you won't see it on the MSM.

h/t to M. Spaff Sumsion

Sing to our very own BTO's "takin care of business"


You wake up in the back seat
Of a junkyard taxi
Wondering why your memory's so mooshy
You're in someone else's Speedo
And you smell like glue and Cheetos
"Tinkerbell" tattooed on your tushie

And as the coke clouds clear
And your pupils reappear
There's flashbacks of a blondorexic girl
Just a stupid spoiled whore
Poundin' shots at "54"
And soon it all makes sense and you hurl

'Cause you've been
Bangin' Paris Hilton - Every day!
Bangin' Paris Hilton - Every way!
You've been
Bangin' Paris Hilton - Are you high?
Bangin' Paris Hilton - You're prob'ly gonna die
(Real soon)

If her thingy gets itchy
She'll accuse Nicole Richie
Or blame attention deficit disorder
But you'll get the night to swing
With booze and blow and bling
And don't forget your video recorder

While you wait till she puts out
You'll have lots to talk about
Like her hair and makeup and nails
And despite her worldwide fame
Genius for-gets her name
That's why they put it on the hotels

Where you've been
Bangin' Paris Hilton - Every day!
Bangin' Paris Hilton - Every way!
You've been
Bangin' Paris Hilton - And her mom!
Bangin' Paris Hilton - Invite some friends along

[Bangin' instrumental]

(Paris is)
(A roll model!)
(She can roll!)
(Model too!)

[Repeat a couple of positi-, er, verses]

We've all been
Bangin' Paris Hilton - Every day!
Bangin' Paris Hilton - Every way!
We've been
Bangin' Paris Hilton - 'Cause we're bored!
Bangin' Paris Hilton - She's all we could afford

[Repeat some more]

Bangin' Paris Hilton - Every day!
Bangin' Paris Hilton - Every way!
Bangin' Paris Hilton - Yes indeed!
Bangin' Paris Hilton - 'Cause we're sick of Tara Reid

[Repeat to exhaustion]

Monday, May 28, 2007

3 more voting days!

Just a reminder, if you haven't voted for your guy/gal yet in the Beaver's worst Canadian poll, get busy and do it now!

I'd almost forgotten about this, so I checked and the votes are still being counted until June 1st. So do your duty and vote!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tuesday night nettles

With a hat tip to the gang at Dust My Broom, I'm doing some plagiarizing here and sharing one of my fave spring rituals. Which is, the harvesting and consumption of Urtica dioica or what we all know as stinging nettles. Yesterday evening I raided the patch I have been cultivating the past few years (they aren't as prolific here in AB as they were in the Fraser Valley) and had my first delicious feed.

I am still surprised that most people up here have never eaten this succulent wild delicacy. I get dumbfounded stares of amusement when I tell my co workers how good these little stinging demon plants taste. So here you go:

Pick these little beauties when they are a few inches tall, use shears or scissors and a glove. You can hang on the to leaves carefully but there is still a mild sting so beware. If they are taller than 6" just clip the top 4-5" off (and some the large leaves if you like). They'll grow like grass once decapitated so you can keep harvesting the same patch.

Fill a large bowl or paper bag and give them a good rinse, I prefer to fill the sink 1/2 full of cold water, swril them around some and let them sit awhile. One thing about the alberta nettles is that they are slower growing therefore you have a longer harvesting window (once they go to seed it's too late) but the later it is the more likely little green worms will reside on them, which is no problem, just rinse them off. Once rinsed put them in a pot of boiling water about 1/2 full and let steep for a few minutes. You can put an oxo cube in with them if you like but I prefer them straight up. Pull the cooked nettles out with a fork or some tongs and serve hot and steaming, top with butter, salt and/or pepper, a splash of vinegar (or all 3) and prepare to enjoy the one of the tastiest and nutritional (very high in protein and vitamin A) wild veggies there is! Also, keep the water and enjoy as a hot strong tea or drink it cold.

As an added bonus, some say that they'll put more sting in your stinger!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cry, Cry Cry Cry..

Enough Already! OK, I'm used to the trademark gnashing-of-the-teeth and wringing-of-hands that we've all grown used to coming from the left side of the spectrum, but THIS is going to far. Now that Dion has taken the Lib's further to the left than they have ever been before, they have elevated said teeth gnashing and hand wringing to all out crying. To quote Dennis from over at Steve's, they are fast becoming the official "Mommy Mommy!" party of Canada.
Given that their leader always looks like a meek little girly-man ready to burst into tears at the slightest of slights and is always demanding that those mean old Tories apologize for one thing or another, it now appears that the rest of them are falling into line. Now the panty waisted David McGuinty is whining and sniveling because he was poked in the shoulder in the "Ugly Brawl" by Royal Galipeau.

This is getting to the point that even I am feeling embarrassed for the lib's. C'mon guys - BE A MAN!


Monday, March 26, 2007

Going down with the ship..

So the two individuals that were on the bridge of the Queen of the North won't cooperate with the investigation, for fear that they may lose their jobs?

For those outside of BC, and I only recently heard this "scuttlebutt" from some of my BC friends, the story that has been swirling around the Tim's outlets down there is that there was already some "going down" going down just before the ship cranked into the island full steam ahead and started going down herself. A recent conversation I had with someone said that the union has been bending over backwards (man, this is a bad post for pun's) trying to cover these peoples asses (damn!) Now WHY does that not surprise me?

I havent been paying a lot of attention to this, but hopefully the two responsible can be called up on the carpet and legally obligated to come clear on this. Anyone else closer to the story fill the rest of us on what may happen next?