Friday, January 13, 2006

Something is fishy here...

When I first heard about the liberal candidate David Olivers bribe/job offer/KFC meal in exhange for the dipper candidates votes something seemed out of whack. If memory served me correctly, in the last go around the lib candidate was so far behind the tory it wasnt even a contest, ditto for the dipper. So I called my mom, who lives in the riding, she said she was pretty sure that the tory (Randy White) candidate at the time won by a handy margin, like around 20k or so.

So what was this guy thinking, assuming that this is all true? Did he have a massive brain-fart? Water on the brain from those weeks of relentless rain? (I know thats enough to drive anyone nuts, thats where I'm from!)

What in gods/jehovahs/allah's/buddha's/odins/pilates/oprahs name was he thinking he could get with a few thousand measly votes from the lefties? Did he have a bet with some bar buddies that he'd place second and wanted to hedge a bit?

Maybe.... as crazy as it sounds, emperor PaulPoutine rigged this so he could show us all how TOUGH and ETHICAL he is? Since he knows that riding is a write-off anyway and everyone was buzzing about how well Stevie handled a similar situation, better get on the bandwagon eh?.
Crazy I know, but these are crazy times my friends, and these guys now seem beyond desparate!!

Like to hear your comments on this one...



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