Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eat more meat to save the earth

Since the eco-nuts want us to stop eating meat to save the planet, using the logic that if we do, less C02 farting bovines will be wandering about farting and belching us all to a scorched earth.

So, following this same line of reasoning, since we are still in a *more or less free country, those of us that refuse to stop eating meat should be encouraged to hunt, should we not? Using this same logic, every time I whack bambi or bullwinkle, I take a C02 emitting critter out of the equation, fill my freezer, thus don't have to buy sides of beef, so one less bovine is also out of the equation, a double bonus!

If I am shrinking my carbon footprint by whacking wildlife for food, then I think hunting should be strongly encouraged, license fees dropped and tags thrown in gratis as well. That alone would save me over a hundred shekels yearly!

what say you, o environmental warriors?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Love Animals! They're Deliscious!

1:02 PM  

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