Friday, January 13, 2006

So far so good...

I'm up waaay to late, local news is on and I should be in bed, but wifey says I am out of luck until I shave this 2 weeks growth off my face anyway, so I cracked another homebrew (a nice dark stout, with a hint of mandarin orange, made it for last year and just bottled it 8 weeks ago) and decided to blog away on my spankin new blog.

Anyway, I hear Annies screeching voice in the background so I reach for the remote to mute it and lo and behold, Annie is behind Laurie Hawn 7 points(42-35), but of course, she not worried.

Now, if there is one lib I want to see ANNIHILATED on the 23rd it's Annie, man am I sick of seeing her smug mug and listening to that banshee screech.

So lets all do our part for humanity and help out, ok?



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