Monday, January 23, 2006


Today is the day, which in my mind boils down to one main issue, if you will.

Is today the day the sheeple free themselves from the shackles of liberal dogma and vote for what is right, rather than what suits them at any given time?

This should be a slam-dunk in my mind, but having two members of my extended family (in-laws) that are the proverbial dyed-in-the-wool Ontario liberals, and seeing how they think via the political discussions we've had, my fingers are crossed indeed.

If the " If Mr. Martin says it is so, then it is so" or my favorite: "you people out there don't know what is good for you" attitude is in the mainstream, and the liberals somehow pull off another win, then I am afraid that this country as we know it has just been moved from the gurney on to it's deathbed.

Like many others out west, at the start of this campaign there was a feeling of resignation, a "lets get this over with so we can get on with it" feeling, even looking forward to the anger and resentment from the west finally bubbling to the surface after all these years. Then the numbers started to look better after the xmas break and I saw some hope after all, it remided me of the first crocuses pushing their way through the dirt in March when I was living in the Fraser Valley in BC, the feeling that the season was finally changing, and for the better. Were we finally going to rid ourselves of this malady that has gripped us for the last decade? Could the public fleecing,looting and outright stealing finally be stopped? Is this country I love called Canada going to be brought back from the brink of disaster?

Like many others out here, we have allowed ourselves to hope again, but this hope is dampened with much skepticism, we have come to know the hardcore liberal mindset, not understand it mind you, but know it just the same, the thought that Ontario voters might actually take a good objective look at the issues and stop a slimy, lying, stealing party and it's equally slimy leader in it's tracks, even if the alternative was from "out west".

To me, and I'm sure many others as well, this election is very black and white, for lack of a better term:

The governing liberals have lied repeatedly to the Canadian people - this is fact.

The governing liberals have stolen money from the Canadian people - this is fact.

There has been no apology for either of the above to the Canadian people - this is also fact.

Paul Martin will say and do anything to stay in power, including pitting region against region - this is obvious

So, how are YOU going to vote?


Blogger Sylia said...

One can only hope that voters will treat their ballots with the respect they deserve, and actually put some forethought into it. What scares me is that when I've asked people point blank, "What is it about Stephen Harper that scares you?" I've been met with blank stares, or "I can't really say, but I just don't like him.."

For pity's sake, does it not occur to any of these induhviduals that if they can't actually quantify why they feel the way they do about something that it might bear further investigation? That maybe their premises are, perhaps, based on erroneous information?

Four legs good, two legs bad?

12:25 PM  
Blogger AlbertanFromBC said...

my personal fave is "I dont like his eyes, they are shifty"


1:38 PM  

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