Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Beware the Sheeple...

The topic of conversation lately my carpool has been (obviously enough) the election. Early in the election it was the feeling all to common to us in the west, was that despite all of the corruption, lying and thievery at the hands of the liberals, they would likely get back in because of the unfathomable tendency for Ontarians to vote liberal no matter how bad the stench, and the fact that the leader of the Tories is an Albertan would only reinforce this tendency. Along with this feeling of resignation there is/was also a deep seated feeling of "let them win another and lets get on with it", "it" being harnessing the enormous groundswell of Western and/or Alberta autonomy/separation sentiment that is just under the radar screen at the moment.

However the last week or so there has been very guarded optimism that perhaps, maybe, possibly this time might be different, given the polls of late. There is a good reason for this optimism being guarded, the people in Ontario might, just might, see the light this time and realize that supporting a corrupt and stealing administration any longer was not in anyone’s best interest, but would they support a leader from "out there", where "they" are more or less rednecks and have that strange frontier mentality?

Well, as some of us predicted, when it came to crunch time, it seems the sheeple cannot be counted on.

The evidence is here


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