Monday, December 04, 2006

I just can't help it, I make women ANGRY!

Be it my wife for sitting down on the (sticky) rim of a toilet bowl in the middle of the night (I remind her that SHE is the one that leaves the seat DOWN, making it inconvenient for me, but to no avail) , one of my daughters being mad at me for scaring a boyfriend off (a dad's sworn duty), women are always pissed off at me for some reason or another.

What did I do this time you ask? Well, it appears that I make $.29 an hour more than they do, and for that I incur their wrath yet again. Well, I guess it's not me in general, but the cutting to the funding to the Status of Women dept that has their thongs all a-twist. Now that the funding has been cut the dark ages will soon follow..

Which gets me to thinking, my carpool cohorts have a woman on their team, who because of her educational credentials makes more than they do, in some cases substantially more. In one case she makes more than someone more or less an equal as far as qualifications go. Yet I don't hear them whining or gnashing their teeth about the disparity in pay, nor are they demanding they be brought up to par with her salary. Why is that?

A better question is, how is another $5,000,000.00 of your money per year going to keep women from being continually pissed off at me?


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