Tuesday, September 05, 2006

R.I.P Steve-o

Been a LONG time since I've visited here, but this is worth an entry..

It was with shock and sadness that I read about his untimely demise yesterday when I logged on the web. I was surprised as well, didn't think I would be, given the nature of his work and how many chances he took, but I was surprised nonetheless. As the day progressed I was again surprised at the sadness I felt, like I had just lost a good friend, and this feeling was a tad confusing. This was a guy I have never met or talked to, a television personality just like any other, right? But he was not like any other, for me watching him on tv was like watching someone talking directly to you, not an audience, and his unbridled enthusiasm was infectious.

I think this helps explain the unexpected sense of loss I felt throughout the day, which took me by surprise. My young daughter is a big fan of any show about wildlife, and her eyes welled with tears when I told my kids the news, the instant sadness was also very evident in the older kids eyes, although they did their best to hide it.

Godspeed and rest in peace, Steve, you'll be missed..


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