Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Our bad... we didn't know all this Eric!!

And here we thought our soldiers were fighting "the good fight" in Afghanistan, trying to let a people escape a backwards tyrannical system that routinely shot women in soccer stadiums for infractions as ghastly as showing their face in public, banned education for females etc..

However, in a spare moment this morning I was browsing some Sun Media columnists this morning and came across this gem.

According to Eric Margolis, female education was only temporarily banned because Communists had infiltrated the nation in the 1970’s through the school system - I'm still trying to make sense of this one, were the communists planting female spies by disguising them as schoolchildren?

OK, so lets assume this bizarre statement has some merit, after a few years and they had filtered out all the commie female student spies, they were going to throw open the doors for females again? Apparantly yes, and we just misunderstand the taliban because of the "ill informed, flag waving media"

I never read this guys columns before, and I didn't realize we had such an apologist for the islamo-fascists writing for the Sun media. Read the full column for even more hilarious observations, a less condensed version of his drivel can be read here. I also did a bit of research, a fellow named Eugene Girin has even more good stuff on him here.

Anyway, my time is limited this morning with my real job, gotta go!



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