Friday, September 15, 2006

A Fatwa to follow?

So I am doing my news scan when I get into work this morning, and I see that someone has "provoked outrage in the muslim world" yet again. Seem's thats fairly easy to do these days, does it not?

But this time it's one of the west's religious "heavies", the pope himself that is the provocateur. Not that I take this to seriously, given my religious persuasions I think he is somewhat a kook myself, but a (more or less)harmless kook, if you will.

I would think that OBL and other like minded wackjobs would jump on this though, they want a final JIHAD with the west, what better way to bring this about than to put a FATWA on old pointy hat himself? Perhaps his comments weren't inflammatory enough to warrant this, although thats hard to imagine.


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