Thursday, December 07, 2006

Something has to be done about this..

This being the pathetic joke called the "justice system" and the "youth criminal justice act".

On November 19th, just over a year ago, 17 year old Shane Rolston was beaten to death by five teenagers weilding an assortment of weapons. Four of the accused have been convicted, and not surprisngly, have gotten the kid-glove treatment from our so called "justice system". Three of them recieved two years less a day conditional sentences, one of them 4 years, which translated, means as little as 16 months. The fifth is expected to bargain his way to a light sentence as the others did.

Keep in mind that four of these thugs were not young offenders, but adults insofar as the law is concerned. To quote Shanes father Kelly Rolston, "human life in this country isn't worth a whole lot."

For more on this and to sign the petition his family has started, click here


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