Saturday, February 10, 2007

A foot in each province..

So here I sit on Sat morning, literally on the sask-alta border. #2 son has soccer zone finals in Lloyd this weekend and its always nice to get to a city, even a quasi-city once in awhile. This is an interesting place, getting to the multiplex involves a short stint into stubble-jumper-land (about 25' if the markers are correct) then back into prairie-chicken-land, if I may use my old BC terms for the two prairie provinces. Anyway, I told the boys last night that the indoor fields here had one goal in AB and one in SK, they werent quite sure to believe me or not, but in any case thought that would be the absolute COOLEST if it were the case!

In any case, I've been away from this blog too long and thought I'd better make a quick entry so that the 2 visitors I get per month will have something new to read. I've been thinking about Dion's f*ckwitted remarks about "easy money" as I see all the oilfield workers in their greasy coveralls lined up in the coffee shops and convenience stores getting hot coffees after spending a long day out in the -30 weather, it makes about as much sense as the dipshits assertion that it is "not good for the economy" when one finds oneself standing in a 10-20 person lineup no matter which store or coffee stop one stops at. Unbelievable...

BTW, if anyone has a link to an audio file containing Dions comments I'd sure like to have it, as well as that stunned dipsh*t Hollands, I know you can get the links to the audio vaults, but I havent figured out if those can be saved to disk or not.



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