Tuesday, January 24, 2006

V-Day (sort of)

The way I see it...

Good news:

  • Conservatives are in and have established a beach head in Quebec
  • Screeching Annie was sent packing
  • Pettigrew was sent packing
  • Popular vote for Bloc was 42% in Quebec
  • Our relations with the U.S. are going to improve dramatically

Not so good news:

  • Paul Martin stepped down, thus accelerating the liberal rebuilding process
  • Lib's still got over 100 seats, despite having the most corrupt record in Canadian Gov't history
  • Belinda, Brison, Hedy and Ignatieff get in
  • The 40% hardcore left in my former province had a huge impact
  • Smilin Jack even has more clout with his leftist wingnut policies

Could be good/bad news:

  • Ignatieff may get to the helm of the libs, taking them slightly more to the right
  • Harper gets a chance to show the country he is not to be feared, and needs to keep the more radical MP's on a tight leash.
  • The liberals will rebuild, how long it takes may depend on what the Con's unearth in the next 6 months or so
All in all, we're ok I think. I would have liked to have seen the lib's take more of a beating, no one deserved it more than them, they deserved a much sounder flogging than the con's got under Kim Campbell but there are obviously still to many shackled sheeple as this didnt happen.

The discouraging message from the (mainly)urban electorate is: "we don't really care if you steal from us, just keep us comfy and warm and we'll vote for you anyway"

That all being said, SH now has a chance to play all of this in his favour, the electorate is not ready for another election any time soon, the lib's arent ready to fight again for at least the next year or two, so he has a good opportunity now to start with some baby steps in the right direction and show the electorate what he can do.

I was disappointed when PM did the unexpected(honorable) and stepped down, it would have been fun watching the incestuous infighting taking place had he insisted on staying.



Blogger Joe said...

36% isn't victory you hick. Stop blaming Urban Canada for not going along with party that changed it's name and platform to conform to what it thought people wanted to hear.

Without the liberals own failings, the true message of neo-con ideology falls flat on it's face.

36%, It means 18 months. And unlike the Conservative movement 12 years ago after it's own scandals and Lying Bryan, the Liberals come out with 102 seats and ready for a fight without the baggage or having to rebrand itself 3 times.

10:27 AM  
Blogger AlbertanFromBC said...

And the 36% in 94 wasn't a victory either I suppose?

Typical leftie rant - can't you do any better than this? You need some more FUD words, neo-con just isnt working for you anymore.

Off you go now, there is plenty of lefty teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing to be done...


11:39 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

John Duffy just said the main reason of an opposition is to oppose!
Not that I expected the Liberals would actually listen to Canada, obviously they still believe that Canada is under their rule.
This makes me very sad :(

Why has Duffy and Reid not been fired for "beer and popcorn".

My heart aches for all those Canadians that votes against the Liberals, just so the Liberals can fuxx us over again.

12:00 PM  

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