Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What to do...

For the few people that check this blog out, sorry if I have been slow keeping it up! To busy with my real job lately, and catching the olympics when I can.

Speaking of which, I just see the Canucklehead men are out! DANG!!!

IMHO I think they should yank the NHL'ers and any other pro atheletes from this competition. Now that the russians et all are all in the NHL anyway it's more a level playing field for the non-pro's. I know the whole pro / "amateur" discussion is a topic in itself anyway, but I think these games should be left to the non-pro's, especially the winter games. I used to look forward to seeing a bunch of players whom I'd never heard of before have a go at it, and thats how I'd like to see it again. The womens team is more like this, after these games many of them return to their jobs as cashiers, etc.. save for the odd exhibition game.

Well thats my olympic rant, I'm going to stay out of politics for awhile, I get my quota of that from Steve's or Kate's sites thes days. I think I am suffering from political overload to tell the truth.

So thats it, I'll try to get here as often as possible to post some musings/rants/whining/whatever - feel free to join in and/or suggest some topics you may want to discuss!



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