Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday morning barfing teenager..

Been awhile since I've been here, and what better time than 2:43am to sneak in a quick post.

I'm sitting here rather bemused. #2 son asked if he could go out with some bud's tonight, I reluctantly said yes, because he had been out lots of other times and returned ok. He's 16, and I knew this day was coming with this one. #1 son never put me through this, was more like me at that age, not overly social, small circle of friends, and was VERY good at hiding my activities from my parents, and didn't really start partying to excess until around 17-18ish

#2 son though, a different story, highly social, tons of buddies, etc.. He said he'd be home "around midnight", which means pushing the envelope past 12:30.

Anyway, 1am passes, then comes 2am and I'm getting pissed. I'm not one that can just go to bed. 2:30 comes along and his buddies vehicle pulls in the driveway. I have the outside lights on so I'm 1/2 expecting him to come in the door quite sheepishly when I hear voices and the basement door open. I go to the top of the stairs and open the door and call his name, and hear some muffled voices. I go downstairs and there's two of his buddies helping him in his room with a look of utter shock and fear when they see me. They immedietly assure me that "he'll be ok now", and were trying to get him in his bed as quietly as possible. One leaves and the other is staying overnight, he says he's sorry etc.. and I tell him not to worry about it and ask if it was hard stuff he was into and he says no it was just a keg party. At this point he's still barfing what little is left in his stomach into a bucket I brought down so I can see he'll survive.

I'm pissed, relieved he's home, pissed I have to stay up some more, and glad those days are long gone.

I'll say one thing about his buds though, pretty thoughtful, the one staying over is keeping a close eye on him as I write this and at least they saw fit to get him in his bed, albeit rather sneakily, but who wouldn't, and it's a hell of a lot more than we would have done for a drunk buddy at that age.

We'd have propped a drunk buddy like that up against his parents door, rang the door bell and fucked off tout-de-suite. I know, because we had done this a few times.

So here I sit, drinking one more beer than I wanted too tonight and the only solace I have is thinking about what gawd awful chores I have that will need doing very early tomorrow, which is supposed to be about 30C or so...

Bring back memories anyone?