Thursday, January 26, 2006

A note to our southern (lefty) neighbors...

Keep yer traps shut and stay the hell out of our business.

Just read now that Gore-the-windbag has climbed on the Harper-is-the-anti-christ bandwagon. What is it with the lefties down there? Is there not enough south of the 49th to gnash your teeth about, now you have to bring your simpering hand-wringing up here?

Harper is backed by BIG OIL - that's rich! I don't pay a lot of attention to politics south of the border, but is AG really that stoopid?

Why weren't you writing for Martins campaign team you useless-has-been-loser?

Bone, Moore, and now Gore pissing and moaning about Stevie, who's next? Martin Sheen?

BTW, anyone with 1/2 a brain knows that Kyoto is more about social than science issues, that and the fact that its junk science.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Liberal pundit sympathy

I have been losing sleep of late, like a lot of you no doubt, worrying about what Michael Moore is thinking of us now. As he waddles his ample lard-ass from one cripsy-creme to another, what is on his mind these days, now that his socialist freinds from north of the 49th have let him down so? Where can he go for solace now that Bush-of-the-north is at the helm up here?

Oh the humanity!

To make matters even worse, what will Bono think of us now? Is there no end to this woe and gloom?

And to think I thought that soldiers in the streets were going to be our biggest concerns...


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

V-Day (sort of)

The way I see it...

Good news:

  • Conservatives are in and have established a beach head in Quebec
  • Screeching Annie was sent packing
  • Pettigrew was sent packing
  • Popular vote for Bloc was 42% in Quebec
  • Our relations with the U.S. are going to improve dramatically

Not so good news:

  • Paul Martin stepped down, thus accelerating the liberal rebuilding process
  • Lib's still got over 100 seats, despite having the most corrupt record in Canadian Gov't history
  • Belinda, Brison, Hedy and Ignatieff get in
  • The 40% hardcore left in my former province had a huge impact
  • Smilin Jack even has more clout with his leftist wingnut policies

Could be good/bad news:

  • Ignatieff may get to the helm of the libs, taking them slightly more to the right
  • Harper gets a chance to show the country he is not to be feared, and needs to keep the more radical MP's on a tight leash.
  • The liberals will rebuild, how long it takes may depend on what the Con's unearth in the next 6 months or so
All in all, we're ok I think. I would have liked to have seen the lib's take more of a beating, no one deserved it more than them, they deserved a much sounder flogging than the con's got under Kim Campbell but there are obviously still to many shackled sheeple as this didnt happen.

The discouraging message from the (mainly)urban electorate is: "we don't really care if you steal from us, just keep us comfy and warm and we'll vote for you anyway"

That all being said, SH now has a chance to play all of this in his favour, the electorate is not ready for another election any time soon, the lib's arent ready to fight again for at least the next year or two, so he has a good opportunity now to start with some baby steps in the right direction and show the electorate what he can do.

I was disappointed when PM did the unexpected(honorable) and stepped down, it would have been fun watching the incestuous infighting taking place had he insisted on staying.


Monday, January 23, 2006


Today is the day, which in my mind boils down to one main issue, if you will.

Is today the day the sheeple free themselves from the shackles of liberal dogma and vote for what is right, rather than what suits them at any given time?

This should be a slam-dunk in my mind, but having two members of my extended family (in-laws) that are the proverbial dyed-in-the-wool Ontario liberals, and seeing how they think via the political discussions we've had, my fingers are crossed indeed.

If the " If Mr. Martin says it is so, then it is so" or my favorite: "you people out there don't know what is good for you" attitude is in the mainstream, and the liberals somehow pull off another win, then I am afraid that this country as we know it has just been moved from the gurney on to it's deathbed.

Like many others out west, at the start of this campaign there was a feeling of resignation, a "lets get this over with so we can get on with it" feeling, even looking forward to the anger and resentment from the west finally bubbling to the surface after all these years. Then the numbers started to look better after the xmas break and I saw some hope after all, it remided me of the first crocuses pushing their way through the dirt in March when I was living in the Fraser Valley in BC, the feeling that the season was finally changing, and for the better. Were we finally going to rid ourselves of this malady that has gripped us for the last decade? Could the public fleecing,looting and outright stealing finally be stopped? Is this country I love called Canada going to be brought back from the brink of disaster?

Like many others out here, we have allowed ourselves to hope again, but this hope is dampened with much skepticism, we have come to know the hardcore liberal mindset, not understand it mind you, but know it just the same, the thought that Ontario voters might actually take a good objective look at the issues and stop a slimy, lying, stealing party and it's equally slimy leader in it's tracks, even if the alternative was from "out west".

To me, and I'm sure many others as well, this election is very black and white, for lack of a better term:

The governing liberals have lied repeatedly to the Canadian people - this is fact.

The governing liberals have stolen money from the Canadian people - this is fact.

There has been no apology for either of the above to the Canadian people - this is also fact.

Paul Martin will say and do anything to stay in power, including pitting region against region - this is obvious

So, how are YOU going to vote?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Out with the old...

Had a late night last night, as we were at a "Malanka" celebration, held this year a week later than normal for some reason. Thinking about it a bit though, it's timely as the origin's of Malanka are: An ancient ceremony, Malanka is the celebration of Malanka's liberation from the Evil One and is a symbol of spring liberated from the grip of winter on New Year's day. All appeal with good deeds and wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

It was great fun in any case, I haven't been to one in almost a decade, but this year my youngest daughter was in the local Ukrainian dancers and was dancing at the celebration.


It aint pretty...

I'm just watching PM in press conference of sorts in my old stompin grounds (Richmond BC) whining, begging and snivelling for votes from ANYONE , man, this guy is beyond pathetic. Normally I'd feel sorry for someone in a state like this, but not this time.

I wish I was typing this on my pc with the tuner card, I'd love a screen grab of this, the people standing behind him have to be the most dour looking group I've seen in awhile. It looks like he just passed some major gas and they are all doing their best to ignore it. The ladies on each side of him look constipated, save for the occasional grimacing scowl and shaking of the head when he talks about how Harper is going to dump childcare, Kyoto et all.

Now a reporter just asked him what his plans are *should* Harper win, the expression on his face was that of a man that just tried to fart and shit himself instead.



ps. thanks to Andrew for the great pic!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

PM has a BUZZ going!

Way to go PAUL!

The only thing more entertaining than watching a corrupt lying self serving politician (that is so desperate to stay in power he's now begging for Green Party votes) drivel on about "whats best for Canada" is watching his horses-ass-senator-wannabe "Lootentant" nail him with a broadside telling Quebecers to vote for the Bloc while he's standing right beside him! The capper was Paul standing there clapping while he's spewing this drivel! PERFECT!

Buzz's add-on about SH being out of touch with "Canadians' because he is from Alberta was icing on the cake for me.

Does it get any better than this?


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This is just too much!

As I'm sure most of you are aware of by now, lib supporters/ex-tories have stooped to yet another low by suggesting that the prominent numbers of Tory blogs out here are the sole responsibility of the CPC.

I initially dimissed this as the lunatic rantings of a few that can see their party of choice swirling clockwise down the "loo", but alas the site is trumpeting the same thing here

I'm curious, have they asked elections canada to investigate all the lib and dipper blogs?

Oh yeah, and since the CPC is financing my blog now, where is my check?


And then there's Maude!

OH MY GOD, Canada is now going to participate in the "weaponization of space"

I did some browsing on Maude's blog this morning, Is this woman in a permanent state of depression? I've never read so much doom and gloom at one time!

Damn!, now I'm depressed! And the only thing that cure's that is a trip to the office coffee depot and ogle the office hotties for awhile - cya later!


Beware the Sheeple...

The topic of conversation lately my carpool has been (obviously enough) the election. Early in the election it was the feeling all to common to us in the west, was that despite all of the corruption, lying and thievery at the hands of the liberals, they would likely get back in because of the unfathomable tendency for Ontarians to vote liberal no matter how bad the stench, and the fact that the leader of the Tories is an Albertan would only reinforce this tendency. Along with this feeling of resignation there is/was also a deep seated feeling of "let them win another and lets get on with it", "it" being harnessing the enormous groundswell of Western and/or Alberta autonomy/separation sentiment that is just under the radar screen at the moment.

However the last week or so there has been very guarded optimism that perhaps, maybe, possibly this time might be different, given the polls of late. There is a good reason for this optimism being guarded, the people in Ontario might, just might, see the light this time and realize that supporting a corrupt and stealing administration any longer was not in anyone’s best interest, but would they support a leader from "out there", where "they" are more or less rednecks and have that strange frontier mentality?

Well, as some of us predicted, when it came to crunch time, it seems the sheeple cannot be counted on.

The evidence is here

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A diversion..

nothing more...

click on image if you can't read it..

make your own on Kate's site here

Monday, January 16, 2006

No doubt you've all seen this picture lately in the blogosphere, I think Angry was the first to post in, and Stepen Taylor takes it a step further in questioning it's legality whereas elections canada clearly states that no person shall wear anything resembling a political party while voting etc.. read Stephens blog entry here.

I think we should take it a step further and all contact elections canada and ask how this is happening, unfortunatly I can't find an email address to address this but there are phone numbers here

Personally I'd like to see Mike Duffy or someone else in the media look into this...

Better yet, maybe someone with less hair than I could paint a large blue "C" on the side of their head and try to vote at an advance poll, curious to see what they'd say...


What WAS he saying?

This photo just screams for a caption contest!

I'll start off with:

"You've lost this seat anyway, so there was no reason to tell you about the NWC strategy"

I know that's a tad lame, but I have real work to get back too, sure some of you can do better!


Reading on CTV's Blogsite I see someone named Phoenix Farce (or something like that) is already wringing his/her hands over "oh-my-god-what-have-we-done" and it's still a week away from d-day.

Are things like this signs of real desperation? Last ditch attempts? All of the above?

He/She has comment validation turned on, so it'll be interesting to see if my comment makes it on the board, if not I'll post it here.


Friday, January 13, 2006

Couldn't have said it better myself...

I was wondering how best to convey my distaste for the lib's bottom-of-the-barrel-military ad, and their even worse reaction to it, when another blogger caught my eye. Don't remember where I saw the link to A BC'er in TO's blog, but being a former BC'er myself I had to have a boo.. In any case, I wasnt expecting to find such an accurate description of my thoughts from a lib!, but Jeff nails it on the head here:

Martin needed to apologize for a grave error in judgment by one of his flunkies and then get back on the attack. Instead, he picked up the crap and rubbed it all over himself. And worse, he lent his support to that disgusting ad that is disrespectful and demeaning to our military.

read his excellent commentary here.


So far so good...

I'm up waaay to late, local news is on and I should be in bed, but wifey says I am out of luck until I shave this 2 weeks growth off my face anyway, so I cracked another homebrew (a nice dark stout, with a hint of mandarin orange, made it for last year and just bottled it 8 weeks ago) and decided to blog away on my spankin new blog.

Anyway, I hear Annies screeching voice in the background so I reach for the remote to mute it and lo and behold, Annie is behind Laurie Hawn 7 points(42-35), but of course, she not worried.

Now, if there is one lib I want to see ANNIHILATED on the 23rd it's Annie, man am I sick of seeing her smug mug and listening to that banshee screech.

So lets all do our part for humanity and help out, ok?


Something is fishy here...

When I first heard about the liberal candidate David Olivers bribe/job offer/KFC meal in exhange for the dipper candidates votes something seemed out of whack. If memory served me correctly, in the last go around the lib candidate was so far behind the tory it wasnt even a contest, ditto for the dipper. So I called my mom, who lives in the riding, she said she was pretty sure that the tory (Randy White) candidate at the time won by a handy margin, like around 20k or so.

So what was this guy thinking, assuming that this is all true? Did he have a massive brain-fart? Water on the brain from those weeks of relentless rain? (I know thats enough to drive anyone nuts, thats where I'm from!)

What in gods/jehovahs/allah's/buddha's/odins/pilates/oprahs name was he thinking he could get with a few thousand measly votes from the lefties? Did he have a bet with some bar buddies that he'd place second and wanted to hedge a bit?

Maybe.... as crazy as it sounds, emperor PaulPoutine rigged this so he could show us all how TOUGH and ETHICAL he is? Since he knows that riding is a write-off anyway and everyone was buzzing about how well Stevie handled a similar situation, better get on the bandwagon eh?.
Crazy I know, but these are crazy times my friends, and these guys now seem beyond desparate!!

Like to hear your comments on this one...


Is Belinda a Liberal???

Reading a thread in Andrew Coynes site someone mentioned that Belinda's site had little or no reference to the liberal party, so I did a little digging (not to much, to busy with my real job!) and alas, could not find any linkage either!

Strange indeed, but I'm sure I must have missed it, perhaps someone else can have a boo and check it out..

In any even, one would think that the liberal banner with a link to would be first and foremost at the top of her page, wouldn't one?

As I said in Andrews page, could she have been planted in the liberals inner circle all along??

A bombshell spook for the tories?

Is she the mysterious MOLE we all have been hearing so much about??

just kidding of course - can you imagine the coded crayola memos back to the chief?


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Well, this was to good to not post...

Thanks to Ruth at


What the hell, everyone else is doing it! Anyway, I HAD to create this to post in blabbling-whatevers attack ad contest!

Who knows, perhaps I'll post something meaningfull here one day...

Then again, maybe not!

If you want a link to your blog put here, drop me a line!