Monday, November 29, 2010

Vote for Raymi!

Quick post here about one of my "must reads", a fun, funky little hottie who calls herself Raymitheminx. Her blog is endlessly entertaining, funny and informative, in its own way. Did I mention that she's hot? Never mind the fact that she's young enough to be my daughter (hey, her mom's hot too..), she's a great read and a refreshing change in the bore-o-sphere, and funny as hell.

She's gotta be part svenska, could be finn or dane though, she has the attitude.

She's vying for top spot in the "peoples choice award" and so far is delivering the mother of all ass kickings to anyone else in the category. So, I think you should head on over there and give her your support. Because I said so, and you don't mess with the hammer..

I could go on about her for a lot longer, but my wife could walk in anytime, me telling her its a "man thing" is pointless, and I still want to get some tonight..

So, head on over, and vote for her!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

say no more..