Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shrink that footprint!

Well. I'm tired of all this teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing about how we are going to hell in a hand-basket and us conservative types are not doing anything about it. So I'm going to get off my ass, literally, and do something about it! And I've come up with an ingenious solution that will let those that like to dictate to the rest of us how we should be cutting back while they continue their lavish lifestyle, continue to do so!

Gore is onto a good thing here, and I'm only doing what he is, so you lefties can't fault me for that. Plus, the money will be staying right here, NOT vaporizing in some 3rd world carbon spewing backwater!

Anyway, the longer this post is, the bigger my carbon footprint, and I am now officially an environmental foot soldier, so check it out

ps. be sure to pass this link along to all your green friends, I don't want anyone to miss out on this one time opportunity to help them be carbon neutral!


Anonymous Rick said...

Great idea. Good value here.

But perhaps you could make it even better value if you could show buyers added value for its impact on charitable causes in addition to the environment.

So if you should happen to be a handicapped aboriginal lesbian illiterate who's converted to Islam whose life will improve even as you reduce your carbon footprint, be sure to add that to the Ebay writeup.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Mjölnir said...

I just noticed that I missed out the "offset" between Carbon and Credit, but I think people are gettng it, I'm up to 2 bids! 50" plasma get ready!

OOOPS was that out loud?

I mean, gotta get out those walking shoes!

And I am of aboriginal ancestry, does that count? I'd probably have to leave out the secular conservative animal-killer non-union ex-logger woman-loving professional it guy part out though eh?

9:51 PM  
Anonymous WL Mackenzie Redux said...

Thor: Willy here, I didn;t have a mail addy to contact you from the posts at Darcy;s so I'll neave mine here:

We can finish that brewing conversation
BTW seeing how brewing output is a large contributor to CO2 and its consuption a large source of human methane, a Brewer's carbon foot print is quite large....I take pride in the fact thatmy craft will eventually result in barley and hop crops in the Athebaska some day ;-)

5:31 PM  
Blogger Mjölnir said...

Sounds good Willy

All this brewing talk has got me hankerin to get another batch going soon. I think I'll make a lighter "bockish" type of beer this time. Maybe just go with 6lbs of malt this time. In any case I'll post some pics of the process here.

I'll send you an email later on with my addy as well..


7:30 PM  

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