Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yet another link to the big swindle

Just in case you haven't heard about this, or seen it, check it out. Tonight when I get home I'll search for a torrent to get the whole show. If anyone has a link to the torrent, please post it in the comments.

I think this is timely, even as I write this the Alberta gov't is jumping on board the bandwagon because its the popular thing to do. Apparently they are going to distribute a flyer with the usual doom and gloom about the dire consequences of what we are all facing in the near future. You know, flooding oceans, plagues of locusts, no water, no air, premature orgasms, etc..

They must pick this stuff out of the air, IIRC the consensus was that when climate warms up generally water becomes more plentiful.

Anyway, have a boo at this and spread it around! When you go to the link on youtube all the other parts show up as well, I think there is 8 of them.


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