Friday, March 02, 2007

We are all fruit flies! (but we start out as maggots...)

Came across this little ditty, some more wisdom from the bearded one here. Harmless enough I guess, I've been compared to a lot worse.

I was more interested in finding more out about his famous "debate" with Philipe Rushton about his theory that placed Orientals, Caucasians and Blacks in an evolutionary hierarchy. I remember listening to that debate on the old Pat Burns talk show on CKO (anyone remember that?) , at the time my opinion on Suzuki was a lot more generous than it is now, but that was when it started going downhill. Instead of debating him on points of science like I expected, he lauched into a shrill attack wanting him removed from his post. Sound familiar?

For those that don't remember it or have never heard of it, check it out here


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